The Warkworth Museum aims to provide resources and experiences that will complement school and kindergarten programmes. We aim to make all visits fun as well as informative.

We are able to provide activities that allow students to explore how our past has created the world we live in today.  In partnership with the Kauri Bushmen’s Assoc. we are able to illustrate contemporary environmental issues. We can provide scavenger hunt worksheets to encourage students to examine all that the museum has on display and have many resources that relate to the wider Warkworth District.

We have a covered all-weather area where students can eat lunch and safely leave their bags during their visit.

We can tailor visits according to the purpose of your visit. In the past we have covered

  • Story time: tales of old Warkworth and surrounding areas using items and photos from our collection
  • Significant local places, such as the Mahurangi river, Kowhai park and the Cement works
  • Life in colonial times such as butter making and wash day
  • Old school days
  • Communications
  • Behind the scenes visits of our textiles collection
  • Sustainability – walk through Parry Kauri Park guided by the bushmen

Let us know what you want from a visit and we can work with you to provide an enjoyable experience.