Collection Policy

  • The major aim of the Museum is to preserve the history of Warkworth and the surrounding district.
  • The guideline for determining acceptance and retention of any item is the importance and relevance of that item to the stated aim of the Museum.
  • The Museum will not actively seek to purchase items for its collection.
  • The Museum will provide for the preservation, security and conservation of all items and make these items available to all who wish to view and study them.
  • The Museum will ensure that all relevant standards pertaining to conservation, handling, storage and display of the collection will be maintained to the highest possible standard.
  • The Museum will not guarantee to permanently exhibit any item accepted for the collection. Items not on exhibit are part of the reserve collection and may be examined at the discretion of the curator.
  • Items will only be removed from the collection after meeting the strict guidelines laid down for de-accessioning.

Note : The complete Collection Policy may be examined by arrangement with the Manager/Curator of the Museum.

If you would like to know more about donating material to the museum, please contact the Manager/Curator.

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