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A recent discovery of borer in some of the museums artifacts prompted contacting preservation specialist at Te Papa, the National Museum. Fortunately they had a scheduled visit north planned and called in for an inspection.

The house borer are only  a few millimeters  long, the females lay the eggs directly on to the timber and when the larvae hatch they eat the timber for 2-3 years making the holes when they exit as mature adults.

Injecting insecticide into the bore holes will kill the larvae and fumigation can destroy the adult beetle however the most efficient way is to freeze them. The process involves wrapping the item in calico, then plastic. The next step is to freeze them at minus 20c for 7 days, return it to normal temperature over 2-3 days and then  reduce to minus 20c for another 7 days

Freezer ContainerAfterRoyal Wolf





                                  All set for freezing @ minus 20c