Museums Annual Events

The Warkworth Museum participates in two annual events every year, due to a clash of events over the past few years, the annual Agricultural & Pastoral Show,  has been moved from mid January to March as from 2018 and is held at its purpose built show grounds on the northern approaches to the town. In 2017 they held their 150th show over two days and the museum had a well attended display of A&P Show memorabilia from the early days. This included photos, newspaper articles and trophies to name but a few.

The engineering section displayed a number of the agricultural related items from its collection including some of its’ engines and the display was supplemented by items from the collection of members of the Veteran Engine Restorers club from Auckland (VERA)

The second event is the Museums Open day, this is held as the opening event of the Annual Kowhai Festival held over about 10 days in October, the actual dates fluctuate due to a high tide period required for the running of the kayak races. The museum volunteers all staff the various departments which are not normally open to the public, the two favorites being the  Textiles department which houses a massive amount of clothing and assorted items from wedding dresses to cloth nappies and everything in between. Also the Archives department which holds all our paper based items, these are to numerous to list and is in great demand by people researching the district and its early settlers. This department is a great favorite of genealogists and there is hardly a Wednesday when there is not at least one person in their doing research. They also hold a large collection of photographs of the district and these are slowly being digitised. Entrance to the museum is free but donations are encouraged.

The main features of the Open Day are activities for the children and these have been many and various over the years, we have a dedicated small team of volunteers who specialise in keeping the young ones amused whilst mum, dad and the grandparents look around the museum.