Collecting Covid-19

The Warkworth Museum is seeking to collect both objects and first-hand experiences of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow us to keep a record and ensure future generations will be able to learn about and understand this extraordinary period.

Our Museum holds objects and information on people, places,
industries, events, businesses and churches relating to Warkworth and
the outlying districts.

As well as objects and textiles, there are books and many photographs
relating to the past as well as an extensive collection of family and
social histories. We have records and information which mention the
1918 flu pandemic as well as the later polio epidemic.

Most of the historic objects and material we hold have been donated to
the Museum by local families, businesses and groups so that we can
preserve it for future generations. Our current aim is to collect
material about life during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear our communities’
experiences of life during the COVID -19 pandemic and the lockdown. We
want to safely store these objects and stories so that they can be
shared and seen by our community in the future.

We would like to encourage people to write down their stories, to keep
a diary, take photographs or just send us thoughts, feelings and
experiences from during the lockdown. Any objects which directly
relate to the pandemic and help tell our Communities stories would
also be welcome.

We would like to record this historical event from both an adult and a
child’s viewpoint.

Need some ideas for children ? Here are a few

  • Children can write, draw or create something that shows what the
    Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has been like for them. Some ideas to
    get you started could include: –
  • A description of how life changed during lockdown. What was a normal
    day like before and during lockdown?
  • What were the good things and the not so good things about lockdown?
  • Did you learn anything new? For example, did you learn how to bake
    bread or turn somersaults on the trampoline?
  • Did someone have a birthday? What was that like?
  • What was Easter and ANZAC day like under lockdown?
  • Describe the most boring day and the most fun day.